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Hello! Writers, chunkmag encourages writers from a variety of fields to write for our blog. CHUNKMAG is a multifaceted digital media company dedicated to helping consumers, business leaders, and policy officials make important decisions in their lives. Our platforms on CHUNK MAG include Business, Health, Tech, Travel, Cars, Entertainment, News, and more. Isn’t it fantastic? Reaching an audience of that size and class is every writer’s ambition.

Hence we are offering an incredible chance for writers and everyone to gain extensive exposure and a platform to publish their content. You can offer invaluable material to our prestigious site at affordable pricing. Of course, quality comes first over quantity, and we never compromise on that.

What You Can Publish

Chunkmag is a multifaceted digital media company dedicated to helping consumers, business leaders, and policy officials make important decisions in their lives. Our platforms on chunkmag include Business, Health, Tech, Travel, Cars, Entertainment, News, and more. Our objective is to present people with the most complete and up-to-date information available so that they may make educated decisions about their life choices.

So what can you write? You can write anything on a topic of your choice as long as it complies with our writing guidelines and does not violates Google’s webmaster policies. We welcome you to chunkmag and look forward to your contribution to our platform.

What You Can Not Publish

As a guest contributor, you can write whatever you wish. We do not accept guest blogs on casinos, affiliate links, adult material, gambling, CBD, or other similar topics. In addition, look out for the following in your content if you want to write for us.

Inappropriate Promotion/Endorsement

If you are eager to write for us, keep in mind that guest posting is a great method to display your skills and ability in the industry to your readers. They are not just a platform for aggressively advertising services, deals, or businesses.

Already Posted Material

We do not republish content that has already been on our website. Even if you made changes and adjustments, we only accept fresh and original content.

Content Copying

On our website, we do not support duplicated or plagiarised articles. And it is a significant violation of our rules, which can result in you being permanently banned from ever publishing at chunkmag again.

Incorrect information

In your article, you must not include any false facts or data. You must include correct sources, credits, and a quote from the article’s source. Always strive to use trustworthy information from reputable websites or sources and provide appropriate credit.

Who Can Write For Us

Individual authors, Professional Writers, and Freelancers are all welcome to write for us. We’d love to hear from you if you’re enthusiastic about a topic and have something to say about it! We’re constantly looking for new perspectives and voices. Our blog covers a wide range of topics, so there’s certain to be something of interest to you. If not, we are open to recommendations for new topics.

Guidelines for Submission of Articles

Ready to write for us? Great! First, come up with three original content ideas that you’re most enthusiastic about creating a kickass, thoroughly researched, in-depth article about before pitching for your article submission.

Following your pitch for article submission, we will select a topic from your recommendations and assign you to write about it. It’s also OK if you’ve already written the content, our editor will go through your article, and once approved, it will be published as it is. We prefer Google document submissions so that editors can easily provide assistance and feedback on your copy.

Depending on the topic, we publish articles ranging in length from 600 to 2,500 words. The optimal length is 1,500 words, although it can be fewer or more.

In addition to the above guidelines, the content should have the following:

Proper titles, H1, and H2 tags as required.

1-2 external links

100% plagiarism-free

Content outline and a proper small brief about it.

Copyright-free images (if any).

Only add relevant images

Meta description and Meta title.

Proper ending or conclusion

What Happens After Submission

Once we receive your document, your contribution will be reviewed by an editor to see whether it is a good match. If this is the case, the entire team will go through it and debate it. This occurs once a week.

The editor will compile the team’s input and provide you with remarks. (We often accept articles on the first try, but we’ll let you know if we’re interested.)

Send us your revised document once you’ve answered our suggestions. The team will regroup and let you know if we want to accept it.

If your piece is accepted, an editor will work directly with you on issues such as organization, argumentation, and style.

If everything works as expected, we will publish your content as soon as possible and provide you with the URL. You will be notified once your content is published, it takes 2 – 3 days.

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